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Aeroallergen Skin Testing
This involves introducing a very small amount of the substance just below the surface skin using a sterile testing device.

Drug Skin Testing
Currently, only limited tests are available to diagnose specific medication allergy.

Drug Desensitizations
In most settings, the person with the drug allergy can be safely given alternative medications.

We often perform lung function testing using a device known as a spirometer.

Pulmonary Function Testing
The Total Lung Capacity is measured at the same time as Single Breath Diffusion thus saving all the time usually required for multibreath dilutional methods.

Food Skin Testing
Allergy skin tests may be helpful to determine which foods, if any, are triggering a patient's allergic symptoms.

Patch Testing
Patch testing is performed for evaluation of allergic skin disorders known as allergic contact dermatitis.

We will examine your ears, nose and throat as a part of the routine examination.

Tests for Cellular Immunity (DTH)
A tiny amount of protein is injected into the skin. In 24 hours or so, a hard, red nodule develops at the site of the injection.

Infusion Services
We offer a variety of treatments for many different diseases and conditions. The nurses administer medication under doctors supervision in our comfortable and private infusion suites.