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Many adults don't realize they could need the services of a Tulsa allergist. While identifying new allergies in children seems to be pretty common, many people forget that adults can develop new allergies as well. Something that you previously were immune to has developed a response in your body now whenever you are exposed to it. If you have been feeling unwell lately and aren't sure of the cause, you may have new allergies.

At the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center, we offer a variety of allergen testing services such as:

Aeroallergen skin testing
Food skin testing
Patch testing

For allergy tests, contact the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of Tulsa. Allergist professionals will deliver results that will help your doctor make educated decisions about the effectiveness of your treatment or initiate new treatment and avoidance recommendations. We are dedicated to working for you, the patient, and improving your lung function to help you feel better on a daily basis.

All About Allergies discusses the benefits of allergy testing, Spirometry and Lung Function, plus more.Our Mission
The Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center team offers physicians an easy referral process, timely appointments for patients, excellent care, an absolute dedication to patient and physician follow-ups, coupled with the latest technology.

To schedule an appointment, please call: 918.392.4550. 

Dr. Hussain did his Allergy Immunology and research fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.  During his fellowship, Dr. Hussain developed a murine model of allergic rhinosinusitis and studied the immunomodulatory effects of anti-IL-5 antibody on eosinophilic inflammation of the upper airways of mice. Dr. Hussain was also involved in several clinical trials on asthma, chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps. It was his love for patient care and teaching which led him to pursue career in clinical medicine. 

Dr. Hussain joined the University of Iowa as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine in the Division of Allergy and Immunology in July 1999. Dr. Hussain started several investigator-initiated clinical trials at the University of Iowa. 

Dr. Hussain’s desire to excel in academics and research brought him back to Washington University at St. Louis in 2003. His research focuses simultaneously on examining the pathophysiology of, and developing novel therapeutic strategies for, atopic diseases. Above all, it is the experience and knowledge he brings from bench to bedside, which benefit the most complicated patients. Dr. Hussain has an active clinical research program at his allergy center, Allergy Asthma and Immunology Center. He helps to bring new therapeutic options for the patients who fail the conventional regimens.

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